About La Botanique

Make our space your space

La Botanique is a multi-functional production, catering and exclusive event space located in Botany, Sydney. The space is comprised of several unique blank canvas areas available for a diverse range of uses depending on your needs.


It is equipped with a range of features including a home-style filming kitchen, commercial grade chef’s kitchen, a studio and event space, bar area, outdoor terrace, professional make-up room/green room, cool-room storage, production area, and wardrobe space.

From flamboyant parties to world-class photography and filming, La Botanique is the perfect place to bring your dreams to reality.

La Botanique Experience

The La Botanique experience is like no other. You get to liaise directly with the owner who offers personalised, one-to-one service to assist you from start to finish. Services could include reviewing your filming or photography requirements to provide recommendations for timeframe, location options within our venue, and much more. With a bank of images from previous clients as samples, plus our own creative ideas, we can show you how to make the best of our space to suit your needs.

We are committed to making your experience at La Botanique truly unforgettable, so if you have ideas that are out of the box, this is the place to be!

The People Behind La Botanique

Clarissa Feildel - La Botanique

Clarissa Feildel

Clarissa Feildel is as exotic as people come. Of Sri Lankan and Nyonya/Chinese heritage, and having been born and raised in multi-cultural Malaysia, it was inevitable that her destiny would intricately be tied to the world of food. She has appeared on Asia Unplated, Channel Seven’s The Morning Show and Sunrise, and has presented at several food shows including the Good Food & Wine Show.

More recently, Clarissa has expanded her passion by spearheading the successful operation of La Botanique. Drawing upon her extensive background in event management, marketing and public relations, she brings a wealth of experience to create extraordinary experiences for her clients. Leveraging her previous managerial role in the luxury industry has proven invaluable in delivering unparalleled quality in every aspect of La Botanique’s offerings. Clarissa’s commitment to excellence is evident in her hands-on approach, as she personally engages with clients to guarantee the success of each and every event.

Carol Molloy Profile La Botanique

Carol Molloy

Carol has an extensive background across aspects of marketing, production and events, delivering high-end customer events and experiences both in Australia and abroad .

With a marketing career spanning 20 years, Carol supports Clarissa and all of La Botanique’s clients from initial enquiries right through to onsite support and post-event follow up. Carol looks forward to welcoming you to experience the La Botanique difference soon.

The Vision Behind La Botanique

La Botanique was born from the visionary inspiration of renowned Australian celebrity chef, Manu Fieldel. With his extensive culinary experience cooking and filming in various locations across Australia and around the globe, the French native envisioned a unique space that could seamlessly integrate his love for food, cooking, food photography, and filming. His dream extended beyond a mere venue and encompassed the creation of an extraordinary setting capable of hosting unforgettable events that leave a lasting impact on guests.
La Botanique represents all of my life’s passions – from cooking and filming to writing, entertaining and the celebration of life. I’ve waited a long time for this dream to materialise and I am excited to share this new concept with you.”
Manu Feildel signature
Manu Feildel - La Botanique

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