La Botanique

Make our Space your space

La Botanique is a multi-functional production, catering and event space designed by celebrity chef Manu Feildel. It’s the culmination of all of Manu’s experiences, both personal and professional. A celebration of sorts, it comprises of several different blank canvas areas available for a diverse range of uses depending on your needs.

The name La Botanique is a French spin on where we are located in Sydney – Botany, and in honour of Manu’s French roots. We also love how Botany as a whole signifies new life, growth and all things in bloom.

Every detail has been thought of.

La Botanique encompasses a commercial grade kitchen, a studio/event space, a home-style filming kitchen, a bar area, supported by a green room/make-up room/production room and wardrobe space.​

Every detail and equipment need has been thought of, ensuring that the space is the perfect ‘walk in/walk out’ venue.

Limitless Possibilities.

This is a one-of-a-kind, multi-faceted venue offering a space with limitless possibilities; in fact, its use is limited only by your imagination.

When Manu conceptualised La Botanique, he imagined it to be a versatile, unique place where people can create exceptional, memorable events with lasting impact.​

La Botanique represents all of my life’s passions – from cooking and filming to writing, entertaining and the celebration of life. I’ve waited a long time for this dream to materialise and I am excited to finally share this new concept with you.

Manu Feildel signature
Manu Feildel - La Botanique

Your La Botanique Crew

Clarissa Feildel - La Botanique

Clarissa Feildel

The Boss
I’m the person behind La Botanique and the oil that makes this machine run smoothly, including overseeing all sales and marketing activities. Whatever your space requirement, I’ll make it work for you, my aim is you make our space your space. Bring on your dream list!
Michelle Kresojevic - La Botanique

Michelle Kresojevic

Captain of Multi-tasking
I not only stay on top of all correspondence inside and outside La Botanique, but am also the gatekeeper of Manu’s exciting and busy schedule. I assist with all marketing and publicity activities (yes, those social media posts are my doing!) Let me help you with exploring La Botanique as your space!